Gut is an absolutely exceptional organ. It forms two-thirds of the immune system, breaks buns and tofu into energy and produces more than twenty own hormones.

Did you know that the growling does not come from the stomach but from the small intestine? It does not mean that we are hungry, it means that there is finally time to cleanse the intestine (motor complex).

The food digestion needs time. A quiet bookworm has better digestion than with a top manager.

Do you suffer from travel constipation? It may be caused by meany resons, such as we do not drink as much fluid as usual, we put off an urging to go to the toilet, and finally the public toilet syndrome also plays a role. How can we back our bowel back to making stools?

  • Keep a sufficient drinking regime and increase fiber intake.
  • Include probiotic foods (fermented dairy products or fermented vegetables).
  • Stop lazing and let’s go for a walk!
  • And if we want to go to a toilet, let’s go!

Do you like alcohol beverages? And did you know that alcohol is capable to increase gas-producing bacteria up to 1000x? Some bacteria feed on alcohol, some of them love fermented fruit.

Vomiting, nobody likes it. However, vomiting is not accidental as tripping. Vomiting proceeds according to a precise plan. It’s a masterpiece! Millions of tiny receptors test the contents of our stomach and analyse our blood and adapt the brain’s sensations. The brain evaluates the information. He decides how big the alarm is. Throw up or not. The brain communicates  with the selected muscles and send them message. Then selected muscles begin to work.

Did you also know …(?):

  • Carbohydrate-rich foods will put us on our feet early, but they does not feed us for as long as protein- and fat- rich foods?
  • Although suppositories may contain far less active substance than medicines that are swallowed, they work faster. If we let our liver burden, let’s take suppositories.

And many more information can be found in this perfect book. Which is written in a simple and really fun way. In this way, professional information should be given to public – as simply as possible. Each chapter is built based on scientific studies (there is a list of them).


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