BOOK TIP: Love’s Executioner (Irvin D. Yalom,1990)

“No therapy has a chance if the patient hides the most serious issues.”

“Nothing gives a false certainty in psychotherapy than a resolute summary — especially a summary containing a list. My words give me a courage: the problem seems clearer, closer, more manageable.”

“Research has shown that despite the expectation that the tragedy of infant death might strengthen the family, there is a growing discrepancy in many grieving families.”

“If you are caught in a dilemma or have two strong opposing feelings, then the best thing you can do is share everything with the patient.”

“Patients are here for their therapy. Not for mine!”

“Although he is joking, it was obvious that he is facing very painful experiences.”

“The task of the psychotherapist (as well as the parents) is to make him superfluous – to help the patient become his/her own mother and his/her own father.”

“Treating someone – implies inequality that the therapist must overcome or hide by behaving to the patient as being equal.”

Love's Executioner (Irvin D. Yalom,1990)

Love’s Executioner (Irvin D. Yalom,1990)


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