The book describes the extent to which our dependence on technology has weakened us. The comfort of modern times has weakened us. Technology diverted our attention from the possibilities of the human body until the technological progress began to replace evolution itself.

We rely on our comfort and endurance stemming from an external source by which unknowingly weakening our bodies. Heated homes, artificial lighting, supermarkets, cars and much more allow us to control and adapt our environment to us so thoroughly that many of us can live in a permanent state of homeostasis.

A comfortable way of life (no obstacles for overcoming) has made us overweight, lazy and ill. A million people suffer from autoimmune diseases ranging from arthritis to allergies, from psoriasis to Crohn’s and Parkinson’s. The body literally attacks itself.
Our bodies lack natural stimuli and obstacles, and the accumulated energy ravages us from inside.

The human body is connected to the surrounding environment. The environment changes may change the human body.

Human biology needs stress. However, it is not the stress that damages the muscles, reduces physical performance, or forces us in the face of a bear to eat us, but rather the type of environmental and physical stimuli that stimulate our nervous system. If we gradually introduce environmental stresses into our lives, we will regain the strength built by evolutionary process.

The book describes the behavior of the human body in extreme conditions. Offers training guides and workout plans. If you want to take a step closer to a healthier lifestyle, this book is the right guide.

What doesn’t kill us (Scott Carney)


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