If we want to preserve as many nutrients as possible in the egg and increase its digestibility, the egg white should be cooked before consumption, while the egg yolk should remain almost raw.


Ghee, a clarified butter, pure butterfat without water and milk proteins. It is suitable for people with lactose intolerance, but people with allergy to cow's milk protein should be careful.


Broth is an integral part of the GAPS protocol. They also shows a popular meal in traditional cuisine. The broth has always been perceived as a source of mineral and health benefits. Unfortunately, there is very little research on this topic.


Studies show that dark chocolate (70-85%) has more antioxidants than most foods, and has a direct effect on improving insulin sensitivity. But chocolate is also an energy-dense food, it means that excessive consumption of chocolate can contribute to weight gain and health complications associated with overweight [1]. Although milk chocolate has a similar energy value [...]

Ultraprocessed foods – Not what your body asks for

During evolution, human nutrition has changed significantly, especially from a traditional nutritious diet to industrially processed foods which undergo many technological processes. They are made from a mixture of a large number of inexpensive ingredients and food additives, and are characterized by high energy density, large amounts of sugar, fat and salt. All of these aspects may increase the risk of overweight, obesity and related diseases.