I attended the EFAD conference in Berlin in 2019 with a poster on the topic Estimation of cadmium load from soybeans and soy-based foods for vegetarians. The EFAD means European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians.

But I have to admit that I was very disappointed because I expected a conference at a high level where experts will be able to speak well, keep the time limit for speaking and have a critical view of the issue. But the most disappointing for me was the food offered – the tables were bent beneath donuts and sweets. As a dietitian I was surprised because I thought that to decrease simple sugars intake is recommended…

Presentation of a part of my research (Estimation of cadmium load from soy and soy products in vegetarians) at the EFAD Conference 2019

Poster – Estimation of cadmium load from soy and soy products in vegetarians

Me with my colleagues at the EFAD conference


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