Christmas time is characterised by baking cookies  which may be dangerous for weight watchers. Fortunately there are recipes for healthy Christmas cookies, which promise a delicious taste and no gaining weight. Is it really possible?

Key ingredients for making healthy Christmas cookies are dried fruit, nuts and oil seeds and almond or coconut milk. White sugar is replaced by cane sugar or honey, wholegrain or date paste is used instead of refined  flour, and the filling is not mascarpone cream but nut butter. The truth is that this kind of ingredients is rich in more vitamins, minerals and fibre in comparison with ingredients using to making traditional Christmas cookies. Traditional Christmas cookies are only source of empty calories. However, healthy cookies as well as traditional ones contain the same calories, usually in high quantities. And we know an excesive energy intake stores in body fat.  Remember a raw ball made from nutritionally valuable ingredients can contain the same amount of energy as a vanilla roll. 


  • Healthy Christmas cookies such as raw desserts are good nutritionally variety of the Christmas table.
  • Healthy Christmas cookies are made from nutritionally valuable ingredients. However, from view of their energy content, these cookies should be eaten in moderate quantities as well as traditional cookies.
  • Excesive energy intake stores in body fat.
  • Christmas weight gain is not only a result of the food, but also of reduced physical activity during this time
  • Put on the Christmas table also fresh sliced fruit – it can be soaked in sour cream or dark chocolate, or just sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • Be carefull with drinking “liquid calories” such as liqueur and punch.


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