In a few steps, we will talk about how to make a clarified butter (ghee).

Heat the butter slowly in a pot (without lid). Melting of 250g cube of butter takes 15-20 minutes, increase the time with number of cubes. You can make  ghee also in an oven (preheat to 60-120°C) and place butter cubes in a pan into the oven. Melt butter slowly – it is very important.

While the butter is heated, the milk solids are separated –  white foam on top is formed. The whole process is accompanied by bubbling / crackling noises.

Remove the foam on top with spoon, and put it into a jar. Then you can use it to flavor cereal porridge.

After removal of milk solids and water (is evaporated), only a golden yellow oil remains.

When you try to mix the oil  and no more foam is formed, it is finished. Also, no cracking should be heard anymore.

The color of the ghee should not be brown, otherwise you preheated milk proteins, and such a product is not suitable for consumption.

Pour the fat over cloth into a jar. You’re done.

Ghee may be stored in the fridge or at room temperature.


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