The market offers a wide range of cereals. Dietitians recommend non-flavored, simply natural. But the public is opposed to eating grain. Parents want the best for their kids, so they buy cereals, but unfortunately the chocolate such as Chocapic.

They believe in advertising slogans: “Chocolate cereal balls contain wholegrain cereal. They are a source of vitamins and minerals.” or “These chocolate cereals are the best choice for a healthy and balanced breakfast.” instead of verifying the correctness of statements  by looking at the composition list or reading the nutritional value of the food.

Why to buy chocolate cereals? Are there any health benefits for our children? And how are they better than natural cereals? Sweet taste? This is caused by the large amount of added sugar. And is it really appropriate to equip our children with this sugar charge every morning?

Be careful what you are buying muesli, especially crunchy muesli (zapékané) contains unnecessarily large amounts of added sugar and fat. Better choice is natural cereals. That you don’t eat oatmeal? It doesn’t matter, try rice, amaranth or teff, which their taste resemble nuts.  The market offer do not give you space for excuses:-) Appropriate cereals are also sypané( in czech language) – it is a mixture of cereals with dried fruit and nuts or oilseeds.

If you wanna know shat you eat, make muesli by yourself. 

1. Choose the ongredients:

2. How to do it:

  1. The CARBOHYDRATE COMPONENT should be based on (in terms of quantity) NATURAL CEREALS. If it seems a little boring to you, add a smaller amount of a representative from EXTRA CERELAS category.
  2. Use FAT COMPONENT in amount as a flavoring (just like using salt).
  3. FLAVOURING COMPONENT is not necessary.
  4. Choose 1 representative from the NATURAL SUGAR category. This category includes fresh and dried fruits. If you don’t have homemade dried fruit, buy unsweetened. However, prefer fresh fruit because of larger amount of water and les sugar. Cut the fruit into small pieces.
  5. The source of PROTEIN must not be missing, because proteins ensure sufficient satiety and delay hunger.

Muesli is appropriate for beakfast and snack –  it depends on consumed quantity. But every meal should be well-balanced.


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