On the Mitrov farm, there is bred Aberdeen Angus cattle that is very hardy and can survive harsh winters, so it can stay outside on the pasture all year. All pastures of the Mitrov farm are strictly ecological, and therefore their meat is also in 100% BIO quality. On the farm, there are the animals not only bred but also slaughtered and their meat is processed.

Mitrovsky products are in BIO quality: beef – fresh and dried meat, sausages and sausages, pâtés and more. Aberdeen Angus cattle have exclusive meat recommended by chefs from around the world.

Where to buy Mitrovsky products:

  • Sklizeno market in Brno:
    • on Palackého street (in front of Semilasso)
    • in Campus square in Bohunice
  • Brno surroundings:
    • Krámek Slavkov
    • Naše Farmy in Šlapanice (the largest offer from the Mitrovsky assortment)
  • Mitrovsky Angus Market (Mitrov 9, 592 53 Strážek)
    • Opening hours: Friday – Saturday: 10:00–20:00
    • Tel.: 733 713 258
    • E-mail:

The Mitrov farm also offers pork products (sausages, hot dogs, lard, pâtés, etc.). The farm takes pork (live animals) from neighboring farmers, whose breeding it knows. Subsequently, the animals are slaughtered and processed on the Mitrov farm.





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