Porovnání Snickers tyčinek

Protein Snickers vs. Snickers classic chocolate bar

The picture shows a comparison of the nutritional values of a Snickers classic chocolate bar and its protein alternative. It is obvious that protein Snickers contains fewer carbohydrates (and sugars) and less fat (and satturated  fatty acids). On the contrary, protein content is  five times higher in protein bar than the classic Snickers.

However, energy value of a 50g protein bar is as a hearty snack, such as a slice of toasted bread with ham, cottage cheese and vegetables.


Ingedients: a slice od Sandwich Soft Olz, 60 g cottage cheese, 40 g ham, 10 g tomato, 5 g lettuce Nutrition values: 835 kJ, 17.6 g protein, 6 g fat, 17.3 g carbs

What will fill your stomach more? What gives you more nutrients? – 50g snickers or sandwich with vegetables?


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