Šmakoun – the Czech product that is put into the diet for various reasons – as a meat alternative in vegetarian diet or because of meat aversion, as cheese alternative in milk-free diet, or just for diversifying the diet. Thanks to its nutritional values, it is also popular in sport nutrition and people trying to loss a body weight. Šmakoun is not suitable for people with egg allergy.

Šmakoun is protein product made by heat treatment of pure egg whites without addiction of any chemicals. It contains high quality protein and no fat and cholesterol (in comparision with other products of animal origin). The product is gluten-free so it is suitable into gluten-free diet as well.

100 grams of this product provides approximately as much protein as 100 grams of chicken ham, 60 grams of raw chicken breast or 50 grams of Eidam cheese.

Although Šmakoun product is good source of high-quality proteins, it does not provide vitamins and minerals. It is not a source of iron, zinc and vitamin B12 as meat and a source of calcium as cheese. Šmakoun product is only a low-fat source of high-quality proteins.

Šmakoun product is made in the form of rollers as the similar consistency as a tofu. Šmakoun product is available in variant of neutral flavor and in flavored variants – smoked, with oyster mushrooms, apricot, plum with cinnamon etc. You can also buy sweet Šmakoun spreads and other specialties such as Šmakoun sausages and burgers. However, these products may contain milk and meat.

Šmakoun products can be baked, grilled or stewed. It is also used in cold cuisine as a part of vegetable salads or in the preparation of spreads. You can add Šmakoun product as an ingredient to the foods that you cook generally. You can cut or graze it, use it to thicken sauces or soups or add it to the sweet foods such as oatmeal, without changing the taste of the finishing foods. Šmakoun will significantly affected foods in improving nutritional value – less energy, fat and more protein.


  • Vegetarianism: protein alternative to meat
  • Milk free diet: protein alternative to cheese
  • Nutrition for kids: to increase protein intake (enrich it with meals)
  • Sports nutrition: to increase protein intake (enrich your meals)
  • To lose a body weight: Šmakoun is low fat protein of animal origin
  • Nutrition for seniors: to increase protein intake (enrich it with meals)
  • Nutrition for oncological patients: increase protein intake (enrich it with meals) or replace the meat with it during a loss of appetite for meat


Šmakoun-chytrá potravina pro zdravý životní styl. Smakoun [online]. [vid. 2018-07-02]. Dostupné z: https://www.smakoun.eu


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