Continue with all foods from Stage I  – broths and stocks, vegetable soups, and probiotic foods (fermented vegetable juice and fermented dairy products). You can drink broth and ginger tea.

There are a few changes at this stage. We will increase the portion sizes of food already consumed in stage I and we will also add new foods. Everything is dependent on individual tolerance to foods, please do not hurry.

  • Increase the portions of probiotic foods,  keep adding some probiotic foods with every cup of stock and every bowl of soup.
    • If you have not yet introduced fermented dairy products, now is the right time for adding them (such as kefir, sour cream or yogurt).
  • Add raw organic egg yolk (preferably from home-grown eggs or organic farms) to every bowl of soup.
    • Start with 1 egg yolk a day.
    • The number of consumed yolks gradually increase until you have an egg yolk with every bowl of soup and glass of broth/stock.
    • If the egg yolks are well tolerated, you can add soft eggs to the soup (the egg whites are cooked well and the yolks still runny).
    • The amount of consumed egg yolks is not limited per day.
  • Add the stews with the stewed vegetables (e.g. Italian Casserole).
  • Choose fatty meat, the amount of consumed animal fat should be as large as possible. The more animal fats, the faster the gut recovery will be.
  • Avoid spices at this stage, only fresh herbs, salt and pepper are allowed.
  • Add the fermented fish and gravlax (Swedish food). Start slowly with the size of the portion (from the small piece to the whole portion).
  • Include homemade clarified butter (ghee) to the diet.
    • It is better tolerated than clasic fresh butter (because it does not contain lactose and milk proteins).
    • Initially add a teaspoon with each serving of soup, increase gradually.



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