STEP 3: 80/20 RULE

Lifestyle and nutrition can be difficult to change and stick to in the beginning. People try to be perfect, no mistakes are allowed. It is a big pressure on them.

  • “No more sweet at all.”
  • “5km running every day.”
  • or “No foods.”

 However, can they withstand this pressure? Not very often. Why? As soon as a mistake is made, which disrupts the established regime, it can undermine their current effort and self-confidence so much that it can return them to where they were at the beginning.


Rule 80/20 takes the errors into account. In fact, the rule does not take them as mistakes, but as a part of the plan. This rule promotes moderation, maintains mental balance, and life without guilt.

If you want to lose weight and you forbided to eat foodstuff that makes you happy, you will not go far and you will return to them soon. You will start cheating, especially yourself, which can lead to feelings of guilt and loss of self-confidence. Rule 80/20 says: not every day, but occasionally you can eat these foods.

To be healthy and have a balanced diet, you don’t have to go 100% and deny yourself foods that don’t belong in the “healthy foods” box.


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