As soon as Christmas is over, summer is coming with barbecues, traveling and eating ice-cream. People say “It’s too hot to do some sport. I just wanna  taste the ice cream.  To drink beer is a good idea in these hot days.

Here is a few tips for you that can be a handy tool in choosing a “more nutritious / healthier” alternative to summer eatinf ice cream and so on.


  • Prefer fruit sorbet and curd/yoghurt ice cream.
  • Let to put the ice cream in the bowl, instead of the cone.
  • If you have an ice cream, eat half a serving of snack that day.
  • If you are count your energy intake, avoid ice cream bufet and buy an ice lolly in a grocery. You can read the nutritional values on its packaging.

Which way to prepare the ice cream at home? 

Mix fruit with milk ingredient (low fat or semi-fat curd (czech: tvaroh), Greek yoghurt (czech: Řecký jogurt Milko), sour cream with 8 % of fat (czech: zakysaná smetana).

If you suffer from lactose intolerance choose low-lactose curd or yogurt or also sour cream as a milk ingredient.

If you suffer from cow’s milk protein allergy, add soy yoghurt isntead of milk ingredient. For an exotic taste I recommend you add a coconut yoghurt. Or prepare the fruit sorbet from two kinds of fruit (e.g. from strawberries and bananas).


Please, prefer clear water. If you want, add slices of lemon, orange or salad cucumber. You can also add some granules from pomegranate, mint leaves or a blueberries.

So-called home-made lemonades that are offered in the restaurant are not the best choice. Lettuce or cucumber lemonade can have more added sugar than you can imagine. “What about a glass of fresh juice from orange?” you ask. Let me say you something… a glass of fresh orange juice is made of several pieces of orange. An orange (100 g) contains about 10g of sugar …

Avoid cocktails containing alcohol and liquors. However, if you like to drink a drop of alcohol, I recommend you drink a glass of dry wine or spritzer. And prefer  alcohol-free beer than beer with alcohol content (but not fruity). For example:

Nealko pivo


Many people are not hungry in the hot days. Because of it the eat only vegetable salad. It is not good for thea helaht. Eat just vegetable salad is really not enough – you should add a can of tuna, chicken or chickpea as a source of proteins and bread od pasta as a source od carbohydrates.


What to eat on evening barbecues? Well, pickled hermelin is not the best choice. But what about a lean meat or fish? As a dish I recommend to add the vegetable salad and cooked or baked potatoes, rice, pasta or grilled root vegetables.

Do not be afraid of hamburger, if it is cooked from high quality meat, it is a very nutritious meal. And less energy you will intake if you miss dressing and eat only a half of bread. 




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