Sweets, such as chocolate, chocolate bars or non-chocolate candies – sweets, biscuits, or waffles, all of that found a place in diet of many of us. Because of their sweet taste they are more than favorite, but from the nutritional point of view they are only a source of empty calories. This means that they contain only simple sugars and fats, no vitamins, minerals, fiber or anything that would be beneficial for human body. And the same is true of salty products.

Salty snacks, I mean salt crackers, popcorn, chips or crisps, contain not only high amounts of energy in the form of fat, but also salt. Due to their high salt content, they can cause salt dependence, which leads to add more salt to food and the development of high blood pressure.

What do all others sweets and salty products contain? What a healthy way to eat sweets? How do you replace nibbling  at TV? 


Studies show that dark chocolate (70-85%) has more antioxidants than most foods, and has a direct effect on improving insulin sensitivity. But chocolate is also an energy-dense food, it means that excessive consumption of chocolate can contribute to weight gain and health complications associated with overweight [1]. Although milk chocolate has a similar energy value […]