If we could not maintain muscle mass and not burn body fat during starving,  civilization would have long been extinct. Why would the body store excess energy in the form of body fat if it wanted to burn muscle mass (proteins) as soon as hunger occurred? The body begins to conserve muscle mass rather than to burn it. Muscles are functional tissue, and body fat is an energy store.

Fasting is the most effective stimulant for the secretion of growth hormone (ensures protection of muscle and bone mass during fasting). Generally, the level of growth hormone is increased in the morning. But during fasting it is secreted throughout the day.

Hunger does not work according to the rule, the longer you do not eat, the more you will be hungry.  Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, is subject to circadian rhythm. Its level is the lowest in the morning around eight o’clock, and the highest in the evening around eight o’clock.

During fasting, ketogenesis is activated. Ketogenesis is the formation of ketones from fatty acids (body fat). 75% of energy for brains is provided by ketone bodies, 25% by glucose.

Benefits of Fasting:

  • improves insulin sensitivity
  • body fat loss
  • prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
  • improves concentration
  • slows aging

A Complete Guide to Fasting (Jason Fung, Jimmy Moore) 2018

In this time of plenty food, few of us can imagine missing a snack or dinenr. Our body is much more adapted to fasting than a constant supply of food.

The book is suitable for the non-expert public, medical terms or body physiological processes are simply and nicely explained. At the end of each chapter there is a list of literature that the author used, so everything can be traced and verified.


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