I am not a master chef but I have got a good tip for an exellent lunch and dinner for you. The recipe is greatly simple.


  • 300 g lean beef  (= 2 portions for men, 3 portions for women)
  • 1 onion
  • 3 carrots (or use different types of root vegetables such as carrot, celery, parsley etc.)
  • tomato puree 
  • salt, pepper
  • rape oil


Take your oven to heat up to 130°C. 

Rub the meat with oil and roast it vigorously from all sides in the pan. Then put the meat to the baking pan and salt it from both sides. In the pan, fry the chopped onion, add the carrots, pour a little water or broth and add tomato puree. Then the content of the pan put to the baking pan and put the baking pan to the oven.

You do not have to cover the baking pan. If it needfull, add more water to the meat during baking.

Bake for an hour and fifty minutes.

After taking out the meat from oven, remove the meat aside and the remaining contents in the pan blend with the hand mixer. If you need, add salt and pepper or other culinary herbs. You can also add cream for higher energetic value of the meal.

Side dish depends on you, I chose rice.

Hovězí maso s mrkvovým pyré

Beef with carrot puree with rice


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