My first experience of standing in front of the camera. I was invitated to “Dobré ráno” show. As a dietition I was talking about weight gaining in the healthy way.

I really enjoyed this experiance and I am grateful for it. Members of film crew were very kind to me, showed and explained me everything what I needed. And they ate everything what I cooked:-) The atmosphere in the studio was so relaxed and full of laught. No one would have guessed that most of people were getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning, if no earlier. But back to the topic…

Dobré ráno

Dobré ráno

What should you eat if you want to gain weight in heatlhy way? This issue is purely individual. Someone gains weight after drinking a glass of water and someone does not gain even when he eats the buffet with a seller.

How suppoert weight gainning? I chose these nutritious melas:

Tvarůžky cheese spread

Home-made nutella spread

These recipes are not suitable only for weight gain but also for a healthy lifestyle. It depands on the portion size.

If you want to gain weight, your energy intake must be higher than your energy expenditure. It means that you must eat more energy than you expand during a physical activity. The basis of the weight gainning diet is high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and heathy fats.


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