YOU SHOULD KNOW: Nutritional differences among wholegrain, protein and rye bread

Protein bread (bread with decreased amount of saccharides) becomes more and more popular. General, bread is cereal product – source of polysaccharides, not proteins or fat. You can put slice of cheese as a source of protein on bread.

So the question is, what food item can you put on protein bread? What about ham? – No, it is another source of protein…And can you put butter on it? Probably also not, butter is a source of fat and amount of fat is also increased in protein bread.

Wholegrain vs protein vs rye bread

Wholegrain vs protein vs rye bread

Many people, especially women, consider protein bread as a diet food. But that’s wrong, not only its fat amount, but also its overall energy value is higher in comparison with wholegrain and rye bread, as well as the price …

Protein bread is not good food item for making sandwiches. But you can use it for making a sweet snack – put on it homemade jam or eat it with fruit puree. However, you should remember that protein bread is rich in high energy value and fat amount.


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