Porridge is the fastest way to make sweet well-balanced  breakfast. You can also serve it as an afternoon snack but in smaller amount.

Why is better homemade than instant porridge?

Besides, homemade porridge can be cheaper, you know what you eat. Instant porridge can contain excess added sugar and additives.

Choose from each iten category:



  1. Pour carbohydrate item with liquid and boil. If you use cow or plant milk, choose natural variants.
  2. Cook together until the oats are completely soft and soaked with liguid.
  3. Before you remove the pot , add the sliced fruit and fat item (cut afain if necessary). Use fat item in small amount, because it is rich in energy.
  4. Finally, add extra item.
  5. Are you afraid of lack of proteins? You Can add PROEIN ITEM before frui. Egg and whites need heat treatment.


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