MANA – science fiction or reality?

MANA as a nutritionally balanced food replacement – sci-fi or reality?

If you like science fiction, then you will surely recall Matrix movie by reading the following article. In a film scene main characters are discussing about the “breakfast of champions” – a strange mixture of proteins, vitamins and minerals. That’s exactly what MANA looks like: a cocktail of Czech production made of powder, oil and water that you can drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Should you make it too, and put this food of the future into your diet?

The manufacturer introduces MANA as a nutritionally balanced food which is suitable for any healthy adult. He recommends to replace a meal or two or a whole diet by MANA. MANA recommended daily dosage of manufacturer is based on standard recommended adult energy intake to achieve and maintain optimal body weight. However, the dosage may be adjusted according to the  individual’s own needs and goals, e.g. to reduce weight. MANA is suitable for vegetarians / vegans and people with lactose intolerance due to it is lactose and animal products free. Natural raw materials such as oat fiber or soy proteins were used for its production. On the grounds of 20 g of protein per serving, MANA is also ranked among high protein foods.

MANA´s effect on human health is monitored by doctors and biochemistry professionals. But what is an opinion of nutrition professionals, dietitians?

Food and everything associated with its play more important role in our life that we often admit. Nutrition should be viewed not only as a source of energy and nutrients, but also as a socio-cultural side. Every nation boasts a specific cuisine – choide of food, food preparation and dining etiquettes. Moreover, eating process itself also affects psychological well-being – food shopping, food preparation or visiting the restaurants, these are all ways to spend time with family or friends.

Diet should be varied. The more varied our diet is, the more we supply vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to our body. As for MANA as we are talking about monotony but not about variety. Moreover we can also worry about deficiency some nutrients due to one-way origin of some contained ingredients.

There is nothing known about the long-term effects of MANA on human health. Generally, it is known that the liquid diet in comparison with the tuft has many disadvantages – a less saturation effect, which can cause to later excessive consumption of food followed by weight gain; not using chewing muscles can result in their weakness and finally insufficient stimulation of intestinal peristalsis by liquid diet.

Another problem of consuming the same meal is the same taste. According to recommendation you can change it by adding fruit, cocoa, cinnamon or other flavorings. However, the simplicity of MANA preparation, which is one of the characteristics of the product, disappears.

MANA is time-saving, that’s why I recommend it to busy working people that have limit time to prepare quality food or its consumption, e.g. doctors, hairdressers, professional drivers etc. MANA is suitable for professional athletes due to their multiply high energy requirement. I recommend MANA also to persons who have bite problems in case of oral cavity injuries and to seniors whose diet is often energy poor and nutritionally unbalanced. I can recommend MANA as a part of a varied diet, not as a full food replacement.


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